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Hi, my name is Sorlina. I'm a sweet and gentle girl with a soft purr that is activated by petting and cheek rubs and love. Purring isn't the only way I show affection; I also give gentle nudges with my cheek to request more pets. I like to gaze into your eyes too, so I can really know you as my soul mate. After we have spent some time together, I like to make lots of muffins before settling down for a nap. Might I make some for you? Sorlina is available as a fospice adoption.She is currently not at the shelter, because she is in a temporary foster home. Talk to shelter staff about ways to meet her.

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Meet one of our Fospice animals—an SF SPCA shelter animal with a terminal, non-contagious condition. While the animal is not suffering, its medical condition and poor prognosis prevent us from seeking adoptive homes.

While Fospice animals legally remain SF SPCA animals—with all food and medical costs covered—Fospice parents take the animal into their home, provide daily care, and enable the animal to live and die with dignity in a loving environment.

To learn more, please visit our Fospice page.

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